Butterfly Releases

Butterfly releases are perfect for…


Birthday Parties

Memorial Tributes and Funerals

Anniversary and Retirement Celebrations



Imagine the beauty of a cloud of butterflies released at your special event, creating a lasting memory, while helping to repopulate a species at the same time.

Butterflies are nature’s gift to the environment! When butterflies are released in the wild, you are helping encourage pollinators. Butterflies are important pollinators. We need to be aware of the loss of their habitat, lack of food sources, sites for mating, roosting and migration, use of pesticides, lack of floral diversity, prevalence of predators and climate change. Butterflies are also part of the food chain. Without butterflies, our lives would be greatly compromised, along with much of the natural world.

Shipped overnight, the adult butterflies are packaged securely in individual envelopes. They are dormant and resting while in transit until released at a temperature above 60 degrees. When the package is delivered, an individual must be present to receive it. At the time of your event, the envelopes may then be placed in a basket to be distributed to your guests or you may choose to release them from a decorative cage. Instructions are included with your order.

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A Social Butterflies Wedding Release = Unforgettable!

Release butterflies on your special day!


Vanessa Ciccolilli's wedding releasing monarchs 09Getting married? Are you looking for something special to make your wedding memorable? Releasing butterflies is not only beautiful, but is good for the environment! Better than releasing balloons, throwing rice or birdseed, or blowing bubbles, Social Butterflies can help you with every aspect of your butterfly release.

The butterflies you release will be indigenous to your state, insuring that they will survive and thrive once released by your guests.  A butterfly release will add special appeal to your ceremony, whether it is held following the wedding vow exchange, during your reception, or maybe at a bridal shower.  We sell butterflies for release only during those months where the temperatures are above 60-65 degrees, so the butterflies will fly away, putting on a spectacular show.

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