About Us

Linda Marchman

Social Butterflies began as a hobby over 14 years ago.  The business name was chosen because a few butterflies naturally seemed to be more “social” than others, particularly Monarchs, since once they are released, tend to stay around rather than flying away immediately.  The hobby quickly turned into a business when the owner, Linda Marchman, began raising several different species and then began selling them to people who were celebrating special events. 

A website was developed and the business expanded to include selling chrysalises.  Several years later, more butterfly-related items were added, such as release boxes, mesh cages in which caterpillars can be raised and adult butterflies kept and observed for a short time.

Linda started giving programs to a variety of groups, including home and garden shows, garden club members, school children, library patrons and she teaches online and “in person” butterfly gardening courses.   She designs butterfly gardens, conducts butterfly walks and has been a consultant for butterfly exhibits, retirement communities, public parks and hotels.  Recently, Linda added another dimension to the butterfly business ~ designing and selling jewelry made from naturally-expired butterfly wings and other natural materials.  If you have a Facebook account, you can “like”  “Butterfly Wing and Handcrafted Jewelry” to keep updated on new creations.

Pupae pyramid with Monarch chrysalis

Pupae pyramid with Monarch chrysalis

One other item we can now ship is a “pupae pyramid” where you can actually watch a butterfly emerge right in a paper pyramid in your home or classroom or office. See the STORE page for details.

Social Butterflies is located in Charlottesville, VA.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate groups for on-site tours.  Linda is available to speak to your group so please contact her.  She is a member of Association For Butterflies, International Butterfly Breeders Association, and the Butterfly Society of Virginia.  Her yard is a certified Monarch Waystation and a National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat.